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2015/6/12 10:25:12      click :

With the 73rd China International Medical Equipment perfect end (spring) Expo, Lu Xiang centrifuge in the expanding international market, attracted many foreign customers eye.

Recently, the company ushered in customers and customers from Mexico, Venezuela. The foreign customers visit aims to further our understanding of the strength on the field after visits to my company's production technology and production equipment can give a high praise, and our products centrifuges signed a long-term subscription agreement.

Lee hospitality customers, and customers with the centrifuge in sales in the country carried out a detailed exchange. Subsequently, the customer visited the centrifuge production processes and Lu Xiang centrifuge latest products. At the same time, customers of the Division I status of production, possess production capacity, product quality and technical level of praise.

Through this visit, the two sides reached a long-term relationship, customers on the spot to sign a purchase contract, at the same time, the customer said he was glad to visit our company, and to thank our warm and thoughtful reception, and our good work environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and the latest technology products has left a deep impression.

The foreign customers to visit, not only to strengthen our communication with foreign customers, to promote Lu Xiang centrifuge product further into the international market and laid a solid foundation.





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