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    24-26 June 2015, "The 10th world pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials China Exhibition" (P-MEC & InnoPack China) will move to the expansion N1-N4, and W5 Hall, will showcase the drug machinery , preparation machinery, environmental protection and clean technologies and packaging equipment and other materials products. Show together again "CPhI China exhibition" (CPhI China 2015) and "World biochemical analytical instruments and laboratory equipment China Exhibition" (LABWorld China 2015) was held in the grand Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

GL-2050MS high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

The main exhibition launch our pharmaceutical centrifuge, GL-2050MS high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, the machine maximum speed: 20500r / min, maximum capacity: 750ml × 4, temperature range: -20 ~ + 40 ℃, temperature accuracy: ± 1.5 ℃, can be widely used in clinical medicine, biological engineering, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical and other fields. Is my company developed a set of high-speed and large-capacity centrifuges in a pharmaceutical product, GL-2050MS speed refrigerated centrifuge has passed iso9001 national quality certification, the US FDA drugs, food, biological products, cosmetics, veterinary drugs, medical devices and diagnostic supplies management certification through SGS certification services by the State food and Drug administration of GSP pharmaceutical management certification requirements, the user is assured that the purchase and use of a high-performance product.
On Hailu Xiang centrifuge machines Co., Ltd. as the centrifuge industry representatives attended the exhibition, come Luxiang meter booth during the exhibition customers than ever before, attentive staff warmly welcomed every customer to come to the booth and exhibition during the customer signed a large contract order. Thank old and new customers to our Lu Xiang centrifuge product support and recognition, and thank the Tenth World Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition will we Luxiang centrifuge products to more users, Lu Xiang centrifuge brand is going global sales market pave the way a broad avenue.







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