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2012/10/17 14:59:24      click :
      On Hailu Xiang centrifuge in recent years focus on product quality and after-sales service, and its products have been sold at home and abroad centrifuge.
       October 13, 2012 has completed the Philippines Lu Xiang centrifuge first tabletop centrifuge 785 units / time order, following the scene sent packing to shipping ports Photos.

Neatly placed centrifuge site


Handling centrifuge placed site 

Centrifuge start packing

Centrifuges are packing


Packing a centrifuge site

Packing two centrifuge site


Centrifuge filled a box

Packing completion sent to port

   On Hailu Xiang-centrifuge machines centrifuges will continue to explore overseas markets, and sincere cooperation and technical exchanges with overseas centrifuge research and development institutions, will be the best products and technical services in the centrifuge laboratory. Thus Lu Xiang centrifuge consumers are welcome to come to counseling negotiation Hotline --+86-.
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