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2014/11/17 12:29:37      click :

   12-15 November 2014, attracted international attention in the medical community and the world's biggest hospital equipment exhibition - Dusseldorf International Hospital and Medical Equipment Exhibition and Conference will be held in Germany.

Forty years, MEDICA annually fixed in Dusseldorf, Germany held from outpatient to inpatient treatment shows the treatment of various products and services throughout the area. During the General Assembly also held more than 200 seminars, lectures, discussions and presentations. MEDICA target audiences for the hospital management, medical industry professionals, doctors, hospital technicians, general practitioners, medical laboratory personnel, nurses, paramedics, interns, therapists and other medical practitioners, they also come from all around the world. MEDICA exhibition in the worldwide medical industry thus erected a strong dominant position. As reflected in the international medical technology development milestone event, the German Hospital and Medical Equipment Exhibition for the majority of the industry to provide a unique opportunity to learn about the world of medical technology and medical direction of industrial development, to experience the latest technology and equipment and scientific and technological achievements.

As previous professional exhibition of medical equipment shall invite the manufacturer, we are on Hailu Xiang centrifuge machines Co., visited the exhibition are being very productive, catch up with world medical centrifuge speed up the pace of advanced level, won many international opportunities for cooperation.

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